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BES Heli Forklifts Newport - Tips for a heli lift truck in and around Newport SA42

When you are trying to find a heli lift truck in and around Newport SA42 you might wish to be aware that the CPD15 has a lift capacity of 1500KG powered by a MOSFET electric motor and is available in four configurations: FJ1, FJ2, CJ1 and CJ2.

While looking for a heli lift truck in and around Newport SA42 remember that older specification forklifts will not have a clear view mast. Older forklifts have hydraulic cylinders in the upright which are impossible to see through. These older machines take need a much more experienced operator and also reduce productivity.

Whilst you are looking for a heli lift truck in and around Newport SA42 you may like to consider that a prudent second hand forklift buyer will take into account the forklift manufacturer/model in addition to the truck's history and condition.

If you are searching for a heli lift truck in and around Newport SA42 it could be useful to know that the largest of the Heli G-series are the 8.5Tonne and 10Tonne models powered by a Perkins 1204E diesel engine and capable of travelling at 24Km/H loaded and 28Km/H when fully laden.

While investigating a heli lift truck in and around Newport SA42 make sure you check for black smoke coming out of the exhaust during operation. This is usually a carburettor problem and on a diesel forklift can be caused by worn injectors or a worn injector pump.

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